The Soieries Elite product range!
We’ve worked with metalloplastic yarns since 1965. We are the most experienced and best transformer of this metallic ribbon into a high fashionable yarn.

We use the highest-standard yarns as the core yarn for our products. Depending on the standard yarn we can produce three different kinds of yarns.

  • Viscose (Elirex gimpyarn) for weaving and trimmings.
  • Polyester (Elirex Sewing thread and Embroidery yarn) in fine counts for machine production.
  • Polyamide (Elirex Embroidery yarn) in coarse counts.

The whole range is available on a large scale of colours and counts.

Soieries Elite is also a succesfull manufacturer of private label and third party metalloplastic yarns, focussing on the high end segments.